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After a pause of seven months we are back with a Master of the House  and Techno, an artist who every weekend plays at 1st level festivals such as Tomorrowland, Timewarp, Awakenings, Space Ibiza & Many others to name a few.  He will be visiting us next September 2 at our favorite spot throughout the Baja Wherehouse.

[USA / Ovum Recordings]

His career of over more than 20 years as a DJ / Producer supports it. Besides he´s the owner of one of the most influential record labels in the true underground world [Ovum Recordings] which with more than 20 years it has never left the orbit of the major labels for its incredible rooster of artists and releases with a musical quality that cannot be denied. A long career as Dj allowed him to play with many of the greatest artists.  If you have walked in the rave scene for the past 20 years, then at some point or another you had danced with Josh Wink beats. In the fast evolving scene such as underground music, it is rare to consolidate a record for more than six months. In the case of Wink, they last for years and years. His work influenced people from Ben Klock to DJ Sneak, leaving a unique legacy in the history of Acid House.



Staying active in the ever changing world of techno is quite a feat, and the master of Philadelphia has done it great. It has maintained his style, not only as a producer but as one of the most proactive on the international DJs scene. Ranging from the most experimental techno to drum n ‘bass and acid, Wink addresses the dancefloor in a very clever way, which has allowed him to be active for so long.



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+→ Dj Paluka [Siesta Records] San Diego C.A→ Sonoma [Audionik / Fade Records] Guadalajara

→ Alex Rubio [Cohesive / Mexa] Mexicali

→ Alonso Morales [Eurobar] Ensenada

→ Ricardo Mejia [Beatness] Tijuana

→ Daniel A Carranza [Audionik] Ensenada
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TAQUILLA: $20 dlls.
PREVENTA: $12dlls.

Address: Wherehouse, Tijuana Baja MX.


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