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For episode 33 we’re proud to feature a man who not only wears the hat of a DJ, but also dons that of a producer, event organizer, label owner, and radio show host. This man has an incredible amount of passion and talent.

Massio is a very accomplished DJ, having played events like Coachella; Burning Man; the Latin Grammys; a festival he co-produces in Baja California called Genius Loci; as well as clubs in LA like Avalon and Pattern Bar (where he has found a very special place for his monthly residency). He is also a producer, with tracks released on labels such as Zotz Recordingz; Ambizi; Taux Music; and Progrezo Records. Massio is a co-founder of the upcoming record label Techlepatic…deep breath…and hosts their monthly podcast on Oh, and he’s also an environmental engineer during the day. It’s no wonder we couldn’t find a time to get him in the studio for the interview. Amazing!

Get lost in the mix:
Jeff Devoe of Chromacast (CC): Massio, thanks so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to make a mix for Chromacast and to sit down and chat with us! Let’s get to the nitty gritty. You are obviously a passionate guy regarding electronic music. How, where and when did you develop such a deep love for this music? More specifically, what was the moment that turned on the switch in your mind that you needed to contribute to the scene, rather than just be a passive fan?
Massio (MS): First of all I want to thank you and your team for having me on this edition of Chromacast! I really enjoy what you guys are doing and am stoked to share my music with you all.
Since I was little I developed a big love for music thanks to my brother Loboman. I was amazed by the thick basslines and melodies on hip hop tracks. I remember the switch happened back in 2006, when the rap industry became so oversaturated. It made me look for different types of music and I discovered this new style called trance and house music. It was so new for me and for the first time I felt the music waves vibrating inside my body. This made me want to become a dj right away skipping over just being a fan!
CC: When you first started getting involved with the electronic music scene was it as a dj or event producer, or some other role?
MS: I started as a Dj using this program called Virtual Dj. I was trying to emulate Tiesto’s TMF Awards set for my 2 friends in my college town. I really didn’t know what I was doing but my friends kept on telling me that it sounded so good so I kept on doing it. It felt like I found a new skill that kept me dreaming of becoming a real DJ. Then I switched to a Numark CD mixer with computer speakers and we started to have small parties in my house.
CC: First dj gigs are always incredibly scary. When and where did you play your first real gig and how did it go for you?
MS: After I bought the Numark cd Mixer I was training on a daily basis, day and night! It felt like it was ingrained in my DNA; one of those things that was meant to be. All that time I was getting ready for my big debut and became a true dj at the infamous BaRojo inside Papas & Beer in Ensenada, Mexico. I had the opportunity and I was really to kill it. I remember the first track I dropped on my first dj gig ever was Olivier Giacomotto – Gail In The O (John Acquaviva & Damon Jee remix). I could tell the residents were not expecting me to drop this track, it was so fresh and new at the time.
CC: With your DJ sets you span a lot of subgenres of house, bouncing between deep house, tech house, progressive house and techno. Many DJs aren’t that eclectic. What inspires you to play such a broad spectrum of house music?
MS: For a special podcast like this I like to create a musical journey where I can put on the table all the different subgenres that I play live. I don’t like the sensation of being stuck with only one or two genres of my music library, for me it is really important to be able to play some melodic house music at 3pm on a beautiful day and at the same time have the skill to elevate the audience in a club with a more uplifting dark tech house track at 3am. I have learned to read the crowd and play accordingly to the venue and time slot. I think that puts me in a different category as a DJ.
CC: Currently who are some of your go-to artists? Who is making music that inspires you the most and what is it about their music that touches your soul?
MS: Right now Modd is killing it! He has such a melodic style in his productions that I have never heard before. Recently I have been including more Lehar into my mixes and Yokoo is also a big inspiration for me because of the way he builds dj sets. He is just on another level. Lately I have been enjoying more soulful melodic producers that are more into delivering beautiful music. I think we are transitioning into a new era in the dance music scene.
CC: Fill us in on the festival you co-produce, Genius Loci. Why choose Baja California to host it? What should one expect to experience at this event? What inspired you to create this event?
MS: Having the festival on the shores of Baja opens up the opportunity for a whole new festival experience. As soon as you touch the festival grounds you feel the magic in the air. We are living in times where we need to come together and realize that we are all one. There is not a real border that can separate us and everybody is welcome to this festival. It is great to see people from all different nationalities dancing, hugging, waving flags, surfing and celebrating life in a remote place in Mexico. The whole team led by Henry Pope and Loboman is so committed to develop a safe unforgettable experience for a weekend in Punta Cabras.
CC: Techlepatic is the record label you co-founded. What can fans expect from Techlepatic? Will it be a label with a specific style in mind or can we expect the output to be more diverse in regards to genre?
MS: We will be launching the label in May. We basically made the decision to release music because we live in a community filled with great musicians and producers who are not getting their music released by any labels, big or small! They need to be heard! There is a big market for underground music that needs to be exposed. All these great producers are currently shaping the sound that is coming up and Techlepatic wants to provide a great platform for it. We have some great music lined up and I want to take the time to call all of the upcoming producers out there to submit your music to us via
CC: Can you tell us about some of the other artists involved with Techlepatic?
MS: It’s great to see our roster full of talented international artists headlining all across the US, doing 10 studio hours a day and achieving their goals. These people are the core of Techlepatic and make sure to follow them closely because they are shaping the new sound In the dance industry.
  • PABLoKey (Oblivio / KMT) Colombia
  • Mr Smith (Tech Support) Los Angeles
  • Jose Alejo (Mixed Plate Music) Miami
  • Edward Maverick (Golden Valley) Tijuana
  • Massio (Genius Loci / Venice Tribe) Mexico
  • Luis Miranda (Minimal Sessions / Juicy Trax) Spain
  • Donald Thump (Tribe out West / Tech Support) San Diego
CC: Techlepatic has been throwing events around the Los Angeles area. You’ve been doing shows at Bardot for the afterhours party Frenzy and Pattern Bar recently with GrooveBox for your monthly residency (a great show I might add!). How did those shows go and what shows do you guys have coming up?
MS: We started building our community years ago when we began throwing our own show “Techlepatic Sessions”. Soon we realized people started to have so much fun at our events and wanted to know when the next one was. So we decided to do it on a monthly basis. We have a big list for our 2018 shows and we are working to partner up with All Day I Dream for a show in Tijuana. Nicole Moudaber and Modd are a must this year and the list goes on.
CC: Have you been able to play any gigs internationally and if so how would you compare the crowds to gigs in the states?
MS: I feel that the audience that follow this type of music and events have the same energy no matter where you are. This is what I love about dance music. It’s a universal language that can be used to transmit a message full of emotions without worrying about the language. That’s how we came up with the word Techlepatic. It’s a combination of the latin word Telepatico which means telepathy and Techno. So we as djs are basically transmitting a message to the audience through the sound waves.
CC: Besides the live events for Techlepatic you do a monthly podcast for the label on This station is based out of Bangkok, Thailand. How did you become involved with
MS: I have been broadcasting that show for 103 months now. It’s been great to be able to share my music across the world. The response has been phenomenal. They basically reached out to me years ago and made me an offer to host a monthly show for UB Radio in Bangkok. For me it is a great opportunity because it forces me to be on top of my music game. I’m always hunting for new music and this keeps my library fresh and ready to play a gig anytime. I’m expecting to do my Thailand debut in April.
CC: Wow! That’s amazing. Good luck in Thailand!
On the production side can you tell us a bit about your studio setup? What is your DAW of choice? What are some of your favorite plugins? Do you own any hardware? Do you have some favorite techniques you can share with budding producers?
MS: For me, Ableton Live is the way to go. I have been using it for years and now it’s pretty easy for me start creating a new track. My studio is pretty basic, you can find a pair of ADAM’s A7X speakers with a Komplete 6 Audio card in which I connect my Moog Minitaur and the Roland TR-8. Lately I have been enjoying the Omnisphere and Trillion. They have some great sounds.
CC: If you had the chance to work with any artist on a song, who would that artist be and why?
MS: I would reach out to Dixon and present him some of my unfinished projects. It would be great to experience his creative process and to pick his brain in the studio. He is great producer and it’s always interesting to see how he can take a track all the way to the bottom just to suddenly hear that kick back again. It’s so amazing.
CC: Living in Los Angeles, many people have a secret food spot. Whether it’s the taco truck at the end of your block or the tiny burger joint that nobody can seem to find. What is your secret go-to food spot?
MS: Yes, it’s called La Fiesta Brava and it’s located in Venice Beach. The chicken soup is something else and it reminds me of my early days at my grandma’s house.
CC: How can we keep in touch with Massio and the Techlepatic crew?
MS: You can find all of my music and my radio show on my page
Make sure to follow my monthly open air podcast for Ub Radio in Bangkok. I’m always uploading new mixes on Soundcloud and Mixcloud. Also follow me on Instagram, give a like to Techlepatic’s Facebook page in which you can find all the information for our upcoming shows in Los Angeles and Mexico. The website address is
CC: We are so lucky to have you on for episode 33, Massio! Thank you very much for creating this great mix and for taking the time to chat.

Be sure to check out Massio’s Chromacast 33 mix on Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

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