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EPISODE 098: Alex Rubio




Growing up in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, Alexx Rubio always found one way or another to immerse himself in music. His passion and desire to share music and the emotions that music evokes remain at the core of Alexx’s being today and make his skills as the storyteller through music – the DJ – impeccable.

Alexx’s sound is as diverse as it is eccentric, making his sets perfect for any dance floor. He is well known for a flow that is both energetic and trippy, a journey through a collection of tracks with a bit of unique funk style. His taste has evolved and developed throughout the years, but his true passion always remains – “techno, deep, tech with a house taste.”

At the beginning of 2012, Alexx launched MEXA Records alongside Louie Fresco (No. 19 Music) and in late 2014 he launched his second label COHESIVE. He now is the label owner and A&R of these promising labels and a DJ and producer with incredible taste, timing and vibe.


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