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EX.364 Lee Burridge


Lee Burridge never wanted to be a promoter. When he started All Day I Dream back in 2011, he simply wanted people to hear the melodic house sound that him and his studio partner, Matthew Dekay, were excited by, and present it in a nice environment. But skip forward six years, and he now helms one of the scene’s most popular parties. While the core concept has remained the same, All Day I Dream now has a cross-continental following, its influence obvious in the melancholic, melody-rich house music that has gripped the scene in the past few years. Burridge may not have set out with this goal, but it feels in keeping with a career that has come with plenty of plot twists.

Burridge left the UK for Hong Kong back in 1991, and spent a chunk of the following decade playing there and in Thailand, in both cases having the opportunity to introduce people to dance music. It was in Asia that he met Sasha and Craig Richards, and upon his return to the UK they wound up forming Tyrant, a party and DJ trio that people talk about in gushing tones to this day. Burridge was known as a leading figure in the progressive house scene, but, as he explains in this Exchange with RA editor Ryan Keeling, the association eventually became a millstone around his neck…

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