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Genius•Loci FEST is always the best weekend of the summer!
Pristine surfing beaches, world class music, yoga that expands your mind, body, and soul….and the most amazing collection of people in the world.

Come hear the ocean sing while surfing with dolphins, dance like no one is watching, and master your handstand while being immersed amongst friends new and old.

This is a call for all adventure seekers to once again converge on the beautiful coast of Baja Mexico for Genius Loci. Every year the rugged surroundings and pristine surf foster an intimate bonding experince that is legendary.

For 2018, Genius Loci will continue to be a carefully curated intimate event complete with a fantastic music lineup, yoga taught by amazing instructors, environmental workshops, and surf lessons.

We are excited to once again travel off the grid and share with you the spirit of adventure, creativity, community, and activism.

See you all June 21st – 25th in beautiful Baja Mexico.

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Kim Ann Foxman • KMLN • Tara Brooks
Marques Wyatt • Jeremy Sole • Lonely Boy
Zach Walker • SAAND • John Wander : Roam Music
Gina Calderoni • Luiza
Henry Pope • Loboman • Massio
• and many more •

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