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“Hot Since 82” Actually The Weather Forecast In Saudi Arabia


Tech house supremo Daley Padley, a.k.a. Hot Since 82, has shocked fans the world over be revealing the inspiration behind his stage name was actually the weather forecast in Saudi Arabia.

Padley, best known for being knees deep in something or other, made the revelation during a questions and answers session with fans on Twitter last night.

When asked if he really considered his looks good enough to warrant the stage name Hot Since 82, Padley responded by saying that the year he was born and his “sculpted Adonis like features” were merely a coincidence because he actually named himself after the Saudi Arabian weather forecast.

Wunderground spoke to the DJ and producer earlier today, “People always think that the reason I called myself Hot Since 82 is because of these stunning good looks but it’s not true at all, as you guys already know I wasn’t even hot until the early 90s so there’s no way I’d be claiming that I was something I wasn’t for the first nine years of my life.”

“Up until now I’ve been super secretive about the source of my name, mostly because I want people to accept me for what I am, which is an outrageously hot and mega talented music producer, and not just some clever name or gimmick,” continued the Yorkshire native. “But now I’m finally at the point in my career where I’ve got the respect and I can be honest with people.”

“The truth is I named myself after the weather forecast in Saudi Arabia and that’s just that, it hasn’t rained there since 1982 and it’s been hot every day ever since,” explained Padly. “To be honest with you, I thought that people, mostly girls, would think that I was making a statement about global warming and in turn think I was really sensitive and agree to have sex with me, but it turns out that DJs don’t need any help to convince girls to have sex with them, I’ve been knees deep in clunge ever since I played my first gig.”

In related news, Horse Meat Disco have confirmed that their name originated after hearing breaking news of the 2013 horse meat scandal while attending their local disco

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