Sebastian Xacurt

M.N. ROY – The Best Underground Expierence in Mexico City


M.N. ROY The best underground club of Mexico City, hosts the best international Djs and famous
artists. Everyone ends up here somehow, so try your best to get here before 2AM to avoid the
chaotic queues on the pavement. The building once belonged to Mexican communist party
founder M. N. ROY and was converted into a nightclub, run by creator Rodrigo Madrazo AKA
“MANDRAKE” and his partner Marco Margain. Time melts away here – you probably won’t realize
the sun has risen and it’s time to go home.


The private club, located in a run-down terrace in the Roma district of Mexico City, is named M.N.ROY in honor of its famous former resident.


The outside of the house is left completely unaltered, concealing the nightclub where a textured
timber pyramid envelops a double-height dance floor and DJ booth.


Rough timber blocks and glistening copper tiles cover the walls of other rooms, which are filled
with wooden and leather furniture. Corridor walls are clad with black basalt tiles that are
dramatically lit from below to accentuate patterns carved into their surfaces.


 Behind the pyramid, black walls gradually step inwards to surround a dimly lit bar. Clubbers overlook the dance floor from a glass-fronted mezzanine.


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