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We are so stoked, happy, and proud to be celebrating our one year anniversary of Mixed Plate Music! Nearly one year ago, to the day, we threw our first event at Woodley Park. The event was met with a gracious response, giving us the confidence to branch out with the creation of our collaboration event Unison Festival. Since then, we’ve hosted several Los Angeles shows, added members to our crew, and started a podcast discussing all things in the underground dance music scene. This past year has been nothing short of amazing, and we are so excited to create many more memories with all of you ♥
We are so excited to bring those park vibes that you love to the streets of downtown LA with our first Mixed Plate at Pattern Bar. If you haven’t been to Pattern Bar yet, they are quickly becoming the go-to spot for the local LA underground dance music scene. The vibes at this place are on point and we can’t wait to share some amazing music with you


aleeeeeks ▪️ (

evade robots ▪️ (

young jedi ▪️ (

jose alejo▪️ (

marvin jest ▪️ (

-the mixed plate crew
aleeeeeks Evade Robots Joseph Arteaga Jose Alejo Marvin Jest


Check out the mixed plate soundcloud! We got DJ Mixes, original music, and even discussions about the LA underground dance music scene on the *Mixed Plate Podcast ▪️

*The podcast can also be found on the apple podcast app by typing in “mixed plate podcast” :)

Shoutout to the The 900 BlockForward RhythmTechlepatic, and all of our friends for your support

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