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Skrillex thinks the scene that helped catapult him into global superstardom is on its way out.

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, the dubstep producer spoke about his collaborations with Justin Bieber and Jack Ü, his new music video for ‘Red Lips,’ which took 6 months to finish, and his predictions about EDM, a scene he thinks is “declining, because it’s in a bubble.”

“But as far as EDM goes—I’m talking about DJs—there’s been a wave right now and you can ride on it.”

That “wave” countless producers and DJs have floated on top of will eventually crest, says Skrillex.

“There is a lot of music out there that you can play side by side and you can’t hear the personality—that has a timeline on it, for sure.”

Though he does cede that the big room sound that’s etched its way into pop culture will never disappear completely.

“There will still be the big room house EDM songs, big hits—you’ll still have that here and there. But the copying to make a trend, that will always goes in cycles in all kinds of music.”

And while many are content to lump him in with other EDM acts, Skrillex says, “99% of the sets that I play on aren’t EDM events. I haven’t played EDC since 2011. Normally, my sound fits a little bit better in mixed festivals.”

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