Last month Nicolas Jaar launched a mysterious new radio platform consisting of cryptic codes, vague numbering and intricate soundscapes with no information or news to be found.

Now the online channel is streaming Jaar’s upcoming ‘Sirens’ EP ahead of its official release on September 30.

The site, which was revealed in anticipation for the compilation, plays out the six tracks and an additional bonus production titled ‘Wildflower’. There are no means of skipping, fast forwarding or backtracking.

Other People’s network also provides lyrics to each song along with the stream, catalyzing a viscous flow of energy and emotion.

In his classic style, Nico’s offering is highly textured, ironically and expectedly unpredictable. The sounds provided are of music and objects, melodies ranging from crackling frozen glass to bellowing vocals, there is few and far in between that Jaar doesn’t explore.

The experimental producer will also be embarking on a full US and European tour from October through December, stopping in over 30 major locations including Milan, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Montreal and three sold out shows in New York City.

Stream Nicolas Jaar’s ‘Sirens’ via other-people.network here.

Full tracklist below.

01. Killing Time
02. The Governor
03. Leaves
04. No
05. Three Sides of Nazareth
06. History Lesson

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